I Am Woman a Smart Doll Photography Exhibition

Photographer, Stylist, Producer: Michael Shrapnel, Daydreaming Bee Photography
Smart Dolls designed and manufactured by Danny Choo International
Visit the official Danny Choo website celebrating Michael’s 2023 International Photography Award for this Exhibition
Smart Dolls are dressed by dedicated international Designers and Dressmakers
Presented in Australia by Glenelg Art Gallery

My name is Michael Shrapnel and together with the Glenelg Art Gallery, in 2023 we have created a unique and wonderful Fashion Doll Photography exhibition for the 2023 Adelaide Fringe: ‘I Am Woman with Smart Doll’, that will be featured in the beautiful Promenade Restaurant at the Stamford Grand Adelaide.

The central theme of this exhibition is to celebrate the amazing aspects of female energy and strength by showcasing Smart Dolls visiting Adelaide and this year exploring many of the beautiful Glenelg Beach attractions.

Loving Life, the Smart Doll friends will be showcasing a variety of wonderful fashions from several international doll fashion designers.
Smart Dolls are 60cm tall Fashion Dolls made in Japan by the creative studio of Danny Choo, son of fashion designer Jimmy Choo.
For my artwork, I like to create elegant and enchanting photographs of Smart Dolls exploring the wonders of Adelaide.

It has been such an amazing and unique experience photographing the Smart Dolls at the beautiful Stamford Grand.  As far as I am aware, this type of art project has not been done before in Adelaide or internationally.   Many guests of the Stamford Grand have also really enjoyed seeing this project come to life.

Presenting @ Adelaide FRINGE Exhibition 2023 Stamford Glenelg
All images are for sale directly from Michael himself @ Daydreaming Bee.
Choose your Limited Edition Signed High-Quality images in various sizes. Choose one special memory or a gallery wall.
Postage WORLDWIDE: L.E. Print with Certificate including Story – Securly tube packed and tracked.
Fashion creator details are available.

Michael Snapnel Danny Choo Smart Dolls

Posted by Danny Choo – ” Michael Shrapnel’s Smart Doll photography is a testament to the power of creativity and its impact on mental well-being. His ability to capture the enchanting essence of Smart Dolls, while also highlighting their fashion and the stunning locations of Adelaide, creates a harmonious blend of artistry and storytelling. 

Michael’s focus on promoting calm, serenity, and the sheer enjoyment of doll photography serves as an inspiration to others to explore this unique art form. His attention to detail, from scouting locations to perfecting poses, demonstrates a deep commitment to his craft. 

I applaud Michael’s work, and I am grateful to him for choosing Smart Doll as his creative platform. As a token of my appreciation, I will be sending Michael some goodies to aid in his creative work. Congratulations to Michael for being nominated by the community. You can follow Michael’s work on his Instagram at instagram.com/daydreaming_bee/