Contemporary Aboriginal Art
Rhubee Neale Keeping Connections Strong
Lead Artist in our inaugural “I Am woman” visual art exhibitions

Rhubees’ beautiful energy has been expressed via painting, writing, acting and performing original music.
‘I remember my mother teaching me stories through singing our Anmatjere song lines for as long as I can remember. Mum would sing songs about our family dreamtime stories and told stories by drawing symbols in the sand and more recently painting on canvas”.
‘Laying in my mother’s arms feeling safe and sound. She sang of Tjukurpa and her Homeland as she drew in the sand’.
That relates to the lyrics of Rhubees’ song “Heading Home”.

“I am Women”
Rhubee is a proud Anmatyerre / Arrentre Woman
I Am Women touches on just a few aspects of being a women. The Passion, dreams, strengths and vulnerabilities, love and self doubt, wellness and sadness.
Striving to make life better and at times falling – however always getting up again, thinking outside the box and wearing many hats.  
Rarely appreciated for everything she does to keep things operation smooth and effectively. Most times woman push aside their dreams to make life better for others.

The phoenix represents dreams and passion, the snake represents self doubt.
The blue bird represents depression & the eye is society always offering criticism about the way a women acts, lives, what she wears and how she looks.
The women in the green dress has found confidence to be herself.
The flowers represent hope and happiness.
“This is Me (Then)”
“A drive in the flower garden”
Rhubee Neale “Relationships”
The amazing Rhubee Neale  SALA 2022
The amazing Rhubee Neale

Rhubee has performed at Tamworth Country Music Festival and the Yabun Festival in New South Wales, the Dreaming Festival in Queensland, Alice Springs Desert Festival, and many community and private events. She has been a recording artist since 2003.
Rhubee works with others through art and song, and has used her music in projects to share her healing journey. 

Rhubee Neale with This is Me
Rhubee Neale with This is Me
“This is me”.  A personal raw self-portrait which highlights some of the challenges and obstacles undertaken from Childhood to Adulthood.
Making use of the darker paint, applied flickering specs of brighter colour acrylics that are sprinkled all over the canvas. The path taken touched a broad spectrum of emotions from the darkest -darkness, sadness and despair, self-doubt, loss of oneself to learning to love again, have hope, joy, happiness. Allowing my heart and soul to sing.
Embracing my children, grandchildren and family culture, friends, fans, Art, and Music. I can honestly say that I been to hell and back. I have survived. Looking at the artwork from the bottom left of the painting there is a child pure and innocent who loved to sing, dance, paint, make up stories and songs, a content and happy child then out of the child’s control it all changes.
Rhubee Neale  "Strive For Gold - Follow Your Dreams"
“Strive For Gold – Follow Your Dreams”

Originally from Central Australia, born in Alice Springs in 1964.  Rhubees’ mothers’ country is Arungi 
(Gard en Bore) approx 200 Km North West of Alice Springs & nearby Yuealmu and Laramba community.
“My earliest childhood memories are escaping to imaginary places through painting and singing, laying in my mother’s arms while she sat under the most amazing gum tree, while she sang in her mother tongue and draw stories in the sand this was such a healing process that has continued when I Sing and Paint today. Each artwork is a unique one off piece. My family have been my inspiration; My Children, Sister Letty Scott, my mothers’ brother and Sister Uncle Teddy Briscoe, Aunty Patsy Morton (Briscoe), my mums’ cousin Uncle Clifford Possum, & my father’s sister MK Turner”. Rhubee’s dream is to paint and sing worldwide and by sharing her healing Journey hopes to help heal others through art and song.

“Retail Therapy” is about the cycle of fashions and exceptions Women are caught up in.
Size: 55 x 45cm Canvas and acrylic paints & pens.
“When Life gives you surprises”
Mixed media. Acrylic on board
Size: 60 x 29cm
"Life Happens" 
"I was thinking about the cycle of Life"
acrylic/mixed media on stretched canvas  Size: 55x20cm
“Life Happens”
“I was thinking about the cycle of Life”
acrylic/mixed media on stretched canvas Size: 55x20cm
"Oneness" is about Past present and future. 
Canvas and acrylic paints & pens size: 55 x 45cm Private Collection
“Oneness” is about Past present and future.
Private Collection

“Many Mothers” Series
Rhubee Neale Keeping Connections Strong
Rhubee Neale Keeping Connections Strong
“Envy” Sold
Mixed media Acrylic on canvas
Size: 30.5 x 30.5cm