Outback Sunglasses
Aboriginal Art Finish

Art by South Australian Artists
Susan Betts and Julie Unguna Paige
​Retail $29.95

Sunglasses are designed by South Australian Aboriginal Artists Susie Betts and Julie Paige.
All sunglasses are produced and imported by Paul Maynard & Associates, Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia.
Royalties paid to the artists.
All sunglasses have a 12 month international warranty from purchase.
For Wholesale and Corporate qualities please email your enquiry, or phone 0409 057 345
All sunglasses are in a drawstring pouch with information card.
​Your own card can be printed.

Individual Orders welcome or contact for Stockists

Order no SHJP5 Honey Ants black
Order no- SHSB1 Turtle & Whale
Order no SHSB2 Emu Walk
Order no SHSB3 Desert Journey
Order no- SHSB7 Cave Kangaroo
Order no- SHSB9 Camp Connections
Order no- SHSB10 Snake Dreaming
Order no SHSB8 Kangaroo Emu
Order no- SHJP4 Meeting Place
Order no- SHJP6 Echidna