Matthew Moore


My name is Matthew (Matty) Moore. I am a Kokatha and a Traditional Owner of Kokatha lands to the north west of Port Augusta, extending to the Gawler Ranges in the south west across to the Western Australia border.
This is my Grandfather Gilbert Kite’s country. He was born at Billa Kalina and his mother, my great grandmother was born at Whittata on South Gap Station

My maternal grandmother Ngidru (Gladys Kite) is the daughter of Numinia and Granddaughter of Undumurra whose country is around the Iltur or Coffin Hill, south of Watarru in APY Lands. 

I am a contemporary visual artist who paints and uses both acrylic and oil painting mediums. I am also an illustrator who draws and sketches portraits.

I also utilised the skills I have been taught through my Visual Arts Degree from Deakin University, which are Digital Design and Digital Art by using the Adobe Creative Suite6 computing program.

The themes of my artwork range from social-realist issues and traditional aboriginal designs, the subject matter varies from the incarceration of indigenous people, Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, War, Conflict, and mental health.

These are social issues which I feel are of great concern and impact upon me personally.

My Artwork is my way of expressing myself and trying to enlighten others to the issues I find are of great concern.

I have had a lot of experience working with Indigenous youths and youths at risk as a volunteer assisting the local Aboriginal youth worker.

From 1996 up until 2000, I was employed firstly be the Whyalla Aboriginal Community Centre as an Office administrator and then by the Whyalla Community health Centre as an Aboriginal Health Worker. During this time, I offered my time and skills as a volunteer to assist our Aboriginal Youth Worker. Together we organised and also supervised the local Aboriginal youths in various sporting carnivals and other events.

Helping our vulnerable Aboriginal youths to learn that there are many opportunities both sporting and educational which could assist and support them to choose fulfilling pathways in their future years. One of the main purposes of my volunteer work was to offer them opportunities they may otherwise not to have had the chance to experience and also to steer them away from drugs, alcohol, crime, and incarceration.

Two of my most memorable and rewarding achievements in this time were organising the Whyalla Youth Action Committee, which is still running to this day. Secondly, I was also successful in sourcing a grant of $40000 for Aboriginal sport and recreation for the Whyalla Aboriginal community for a total of three years before the host organisation closed its doors for good.

This beautiful painting is about how the desert comes alive after rain.
Titled “Andamooka Sunset and Wildflowers” size 46 x 66cm plus edges. Lots of double dotting, precise work $750