Pitjantjatjara / Yankunytjara

Kanginy George was Ernabella Mission in 1959, and lived with  her parents until she was a small girl, then she went to live at Fregon “Katjitji” community   with other family.  Her primary schooling was done at Fregon in a small school. As a young women, Kanginy meet her husband Murray in Fregon where they started a family. When her son was 11 years old, Kanginy decided to be an Aboriginal teacher and after graduating she taught at Fregon Art Centre, where she discovered her artistic skills and talents. Kanginy  then moved to Adelaide many years ago with other Anangu families and her husband Murray George who is also an artist.  Kanginy is a Ngangkari (Spiritual healer) and is in great demand for her services since living in Adelaide. Kanginy enjoys her life in Adelaide and enjoys returning back to her country at Fregon.