Glenys Gibson Napaltjarri

“My Mother’s Country”
90 x 60cm + edges

Glenys Gibson Napaltjarri was born c. 1970 at Papunya, Northern Territory and lives with her husband and extended family in the Kintore Community.

She is the daughter of one of Australia’s most acclaimed painters, Ningurra Napurrula (deceased).   

Glenys’s paintings are dynamic in execution and reflect her talent as a true artist following in her mother’s footsteps in the league as a world class artist depicting “Women’s Ceremony” and painted in colours traditionally used in this dreamtime story.

Women’s Ceremonies refer specifically to the designs applied to a women’s body as part of a ceremony which is performed by Aboriginal women to recall their ancestors, to show respect for their country and to demonstrate their responsibility for the wellbeing of their community.