Dolores (Dolly) Henry

Dolly was born and raised on the Tiwi Islands and is now based in Adelaide, South Australia

“Dragonflies” by Delores (Dolly) Henry Sold

Dragonflies let the Tiwi Islanders know that the Dry seasons are approaching.
There are two very important ceremonies. Firstly the Pukumani Ceremonies which are held following the death of a Tiwi and secondly the Kurlama Yam Ceremony which is held once each year, towards the end of the wet season, by Tiwi males of adult status. 

Pukumani Poles with Storm Bird Japparika
Northern Territory, Australia

Pukumani Poles have great spiritual significance within the Tiwi culture, ensuring that these spirits of the deceased are released from the body into the spirit world.

Pukumani Polesare used in Ceremonies to honor the dead and the dances to perform were passed down to the Tiwi Islanders by Purukaparli, the great ancestor of the Tiwi people.

For the Tiwi, the four major seasons are part of the cycle of life, with certain markers indicating the change of seasons. 

The skin group system in Tiwi culture is matrilineal, and its an extremely important aspect of life. Means totem, skin group, life,spirit, breathe, pulse.
In other words, the line of Life.


“Turtle Dreaming”