Bernadine Kemarre Johnson 

Bernadine Johnson Glenelg Art Gallery
“When I go back home, out bush, that’s when we walk in the quiet and talk to the old people and the young ones. We learn and we teach, about what the bush has for us, how to look after her and not take everything, to take a little from each spot”

Language: Arrernte​
Bernadine was born in 1974 at the Ltyentye Apurte Community (Santa Teresa),
approx. 80km east of Alice Springs, Northern Territory and had a traditional upbringing before attending school in Alice Springs. Bernadine now lives in Adelaide with her family.
She is married to Artist Stephen Martin Pitjara

“Women caring for and collecting Water” A Birdseye view – Rented, see
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Aboriginal Artist Bernadine Johnson Glenelg Art Gallery
“Women on Country caring and collecting water” Rented
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“Healing Medicine Barks”
“Healing Medicine Barks” ON RENTAL
Aboriginal Artist Bernadine Johnson Bronze Medicine Leaves
Healing Medicine Leaves and Seeds in the metallic colours of winter change
Transition: the changing leaves in Autumn, swirling in the winds. The white dots are seeds, spreading for regrowth
An example of Bronze, Gold and Silver metallics – inspired by a recent trip on Country “Twirling Medicine Leaves”

Healing Bush Medicine Leaves

Medicine Leaves, Flowers, Trees, Seeds – In Aboriginal Culture it is largely the Women’s responsibility to provide the meals and the medicines. These all come from the land – often referred to as ‘Bush Tucker” and”Bush Medicine” . In Artworks we will often see the stories of women travelling in groups, going walkabout to the places where the food and healing plants are found.
In this series of Stories bernadine paints a symbolised version of the healing plants, flowers, seeds, leaves and barks.