Ruby Donovan

My name is Ruby Donovan , I have a passion  for the  Australian Bush and sea side. This is where I draw my inspiration for my art.

I use natural materials such as leaves, bark shells, stones, soil, sand, sea sponges or whatever takes my eye.

I have an innate propensity for circular designs as I feel they evoke feeling of calmness.

Eye of the Coorong

Austromactra   Rufenscens (Family Mactridae) Sand and crushed Austromactra’s

This artwork is a representation of an important part of the Murray Darling Basin, which has suffered from lack of environmental water flows over a long period of time.  The end of the system, being the Lower Lakes, the Coorong and the Murray Mouth, is where the greatest impacts are seen and felt.

The Coorong is a designated wetland of international significance and supports ecological, cultural, recreational and commercial activities. As the only estuary within the Murray Darling Basin it is a designated iconic site under “The Living Murray Initiative”.

The lack of environmental flow has had a negative effect on the Murray Mouth and has resulted in dynamic changes in its width, location and at times has been completely closed over by sediment.

The water flows are needed to broaden and deepen the mouth channel in order to maintain connectivity and water exchange between the Coorong and the ocean. The dredge that’s now nearly permanently stationed at the mouth is maintaining what otherwise should be occurring naturally.

When you look at this art work I would like you to take a moment and reflect on the fragility of our environment and how we can make a positive difference.