Peta Jain


Revitalise Your Body, Mind & Spirit

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Peta Ann Jain is also an accomplished Artist who uses innovative materials to create inspiring dazzling, luxuriating concepts to depict dreams for all. 
Pieces are set on ancient Monks paper from the Himalayas – this paper was used for over 1,000 years for all Holy books made by the Monks, and also feature antique fabrics from Peta’s travels across “the silk road” of India where she was born of British parents. 
Each stand alone emitting a lovely resounding energy, the mystery and the beauty of each piece charms you, the richness of texture which embellishes the canvas, using amazing hand woven textiles with gold threads, semi-precious stones, and an array of gorgeous handmade silks, some amazing antique embossed gold & silver thread work. These textiles were once Ceremonial garments, now portrayed in the glory of power dazzling radiation an energy of magical quality. The collage work takes months to arrange so it is shown at its best and catches the light to sparkle every time you look at it. 

Mixed media