John Carmelo Antonacci

John Carmelo Antonacci.

Born Adelaide September 1960.

A multicultural understanding background, Italian; English; Portuguese; Indonesian.

Have and still extensively travelling around the planet with a passion for art and an understanding of a Christian life style. Improving everyday in my mediums (paints, crafts, photos and sculptures) and knowledge of the past, present and future of following creativity  associated with other artist.

Loving the exploration and the unknown that each “Port, Land and Road” that take a twist and a turn like a bowl of spaghetti, mixed up of many ingredients, alfresco style, taste bellissimo; bagus; muito benito; great mate; loving it. 

With the turn of God’s natural faith, believe and understanding tunes spirits, light vision, fulfilling a journey on going.

Appreciated my true colors and marks of my inner feeling to share with no matter of what age of understanding and a maturity of enjoying this visual connection of creative blessing

A WOW Factor. Oils on canvas ready to go. This painting is marvellously rich in colours and transports us right there, to our beautiful rolling southern hills and coastlines where the vines meet the sea. $3,599 AUD
“The smell of Rain”
Oil on canvas $1750