Fiona Heysen

Fiona Heysen is a highly Accredited and experienced horsewoman and artist. 
Also grand-daughter of the late Sir Hans Heysen (renowned Australian landscape artist) and niece 
of Nora Heysen , acclaimed portrait artist and winner of the Archibald Portrait Prize. 
Fiona uses her lifelong passion for horses and art to create beautiful and sensitively drawn portraits that capture the subtleties of structure and essence of character in her subjects which bring them to life on the paper.

Contact  the Gallery (08) 8376 0630 BH for original commission portraits of people, horses and dogs, and information about other artwork available

Fiona Heysen Glenelg Art Gallery
“Leafy Sea Dragon”
mixed media on silk, framed

Fiona paints in very limited numbers and this beautiful Leafy Dragon Series are very collectable and look fabulous in a set of four different but matching serene paintings of our Leafy Sea Dragons off marino Rocks, Adelaide South Australia.

Presented in a wide matted white frame the only original pieces are all unique