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Bushmen of the Bush

Howard Steer – supporting The Flying Doctor

Shakespeare opens bush opera house 1mm x 1mm $3.000

Howard William Steer has based his  life in Broken Hill, having been born there in 1947.
He has been painting and winning art prizes for the past 30 years.

The majority of Howard’s paintings depict the people of the outback and their fight against the harshness of the Australian environment. The struggle that early miners had in gaining a living in the Broken Hill mines and their constant union battles to gain acceptable working conditions are also a favourite theme. 

A predominant feature throughout Howard’s work depicts his sense of humour. Howard’s “gossamer winged” flying doctor, features in many works. He developed the foundation for what he calls “Story Art”, where each painting tells its own story, be that of a backyard wedding or a  Sunday afternoon pub crawl. 

A prime example is the “Flying Doctor” series  featuring a winged, black-suited saviour complete with top hat and bag.  He has  a wicked sense of humour and no subject is safe from his satirical brush.

Howard’s style is classified as naïve realism. 

His work is in many private collections throughout Australia and overseas. 

He has exhibited in most Australian capital cities and regional areas and his  work is extremely sought after.
Howard and his wife donated generously from sales to The Australian Flying Doctor Service – an essential service over our vast distances to those needing help

All prices in Australian dollars.

Howard Steer Glenelg Art Gallery
“It’s only a Game” – Vegemite ! Acrylic on canvas, framed 56 x 56cm SOLD order similar
Howard Steer Glenelg Art Gallery
Waiting for the Flying Doctor Acrylic on canvas, framed 56 x 56cm $895
Howard Steer Glenelg Art Gallery
“Born in a tent” Acrylic on canvas, framed 560mm x 560 $895