Anya Kolloch

Anya is a local abstract artist. After extensive travelling through Europe and Australia, she left Germany and
found her home in Glenelg. Seeing the most amazing places the world has to offer inspired her to express
herself creatively.

While painting has remained her biggest passion, she admires all sorts of art and participates in writing, designing, playing the guitar and teaching the German language.
She is also the founder of a German book club in Adelaide.

For her artwork she uses abstract fluid art techniques with fine art materials.
She loves to work with metallic colours and blue hues which add a gentle colour pop to a room and a dose of creativity to a home or office setting.

“Down the Waterfall” 
Mixed media 60 x 60cm. $450
“Stormy Seas”
Mixed media 60 x 45cm. SOLD
“Ocean Life” 
Mixed media 30 x 60cm. $450