Ágota Sjöström

My name is Agota Sjostrom and I am a compulsive maker of things. I create and reside locally in Glenelg. 
My work heavily revolves around geometry, patterns, optical illusions and the use of positive/negative space. 
I focus on shape and form in my work, this is why I use black and white. Black forges a beautiful void in the space it inhabits, cutting its own form from its surroundings. 

All of my work is hand-made from start to finish. My tools consist of a calculator; the rulers, compasses, drafting pencils, paint-brushes and the temperamental ink I love so dearly. After the initial drafting is done it is meticulously finished with 4-6 layers of ink and can take anywhere between 200-600+ hours to complete. I strongly feel that ‘how’ I create is just as important as ‘what’ I create.

I enjoy constructing patterns, sometimes impossible patterns; ones that could not exist in real life but are able to exist on paper. Some patterns/tiling could extend to infinity, some are more simple. I like to create rhythm for the eye, to beckon the viewer to lose themselves in the image for more than just a fleeting glance. I want the viewer to linger, to contemplate the pattern, to look for the relationship between the shapes and then hopefully walk back into the world with a renewed eye for the beautiful patterns that surround us in our everyday lives. 

Title: Diane – ink, paper (30x30cm)