Tanya Nangala Price

Language Group  Anmatyerre  
Born Around  1976 
Area Utopia, NT

Tanya Price Nangala was born in 1976 in the Utopia region of the Northern Territory. Utopia is located approximately 300km North East of Alice Springs and is home to many well-established artists. Tanya is a recognised artist who learnt her Dreaming stories from her grandparents.
Over the years, Tanya has developed her own unique style to represent the Utopia Country from a topographical viewpoint. Tanya enjoys to paint stories of Wild Bush Foods along the cycles of the seasons, with rains and fires.

The painting above is about how the bush regenerates after Fire.  The background is the ashes and we can see after fire comes new growth. The U shapes in the painting are the women, who are out collecting fresh wild fruits and medicines