Roseanne Wheeler Napangardi

“Possum Dreaming” 51 x 51cm

Roseanne is a Walpiri Artist who has inherited this Dreaming from her Grandfather, Roy Jagamara.
She is the sister of Madelaine Napangardi and Cousin to Dorothy Napangardi.

This painting is called Possum Dreaming. It is about the time of collecting bush foods and furs.

The men are represented by the U shapes around the large circle with tucker in a coolamon in centre. They have spears
them and shiels.

Along one side we see the three camp sites they have visited along the dry riverbed, digging for water and hunting for
possums. At an earlier camp they stopped and enjoyed wild bush plums.  They also have Witchetty Grubs and wild fruits.
The dot work represents the many colours of the desert sands around her homelands.