Rhubee Neale

Skin Name: Penangke 
Rhubee Neale is a local Adelaide Artist, whos’ modern “Naïve art” depictions of her heritage are deep with feeling.
Rhubee Neale paints one off original fictional landscapes, that do not depict country explicitly but reflect the essence of her Paradise Places. 
Since 2003 Rhubee has operated across various artist platforms such as Acting, Exhibiting art, performing original music in various states of; NSW, NT, SA, QLD and Victoria.
Rhubee is also an amazing vocalist. Rhubee is a singer songwriter who’s music paints a picture of her country, culture and life. 
Rhubee’s musical journey began as a child listening to her mother singing Anmatjere and watching family paint their dreaming stories.
‘I remember my mother teaching me stories through singing our Anmatjere song lines for as long as I can remember. Mum would sing songs about our family dreamtime stories and told stories by drawing symbols in the sand and more recently painting on canvas”.
‘Laying in my mother’s arms feeling safe and sound. She sang of Tjukurpa and her Homeland as she drew in the sand’.
That relates to the lyrics of Rhubee’s song “Heading Home”.
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Rhubee has peformed at Tamworth Country Music Festival and the Yabun Festival in New South Wales, the Dreaming Festival in Queensland, Alice Springs Desert Festival, and many community and private events. She has been a recording artist since 2003.
Rhubee works with others through art and song, and has used her music in projects to share her healing journey. 

And is an experienced actress. Watch Margaret Pomeranz and Graeme Blundell’s full interview with Trisha Morton-Thomas, creator, director and actor of the indigenous comedy series 8MMM.

Originally from Central Australia, born in Alice Springs in 1964.  Rhubees’ mothers’ country is Arungi 
(Gard en Bore) approx 200 Km North West of Alice Springs & nearby Yuealmu and Laramba community.
“My earliest childhood memories are escaping to imaginary places through painting and singing, laying in my mother’s arms while she sat under the most amazing gum tree, while she sang in her mother tongue and draw stories in the sand this was such a healing process that has continued when I Sing and Paint today. Each artwork is a unique one off piece. My family have been my inspiration; My Children, Sister Letty Scott, my mothers’ brother and Sister Uncle Teddy Briscoe, Aunty Patsy Morton (Briscoe), my mums’ cousin Uncle Clifford Possum, & my father’s sister MK Turner”. Rhubee’s dream is to paint and sing worldwide and by sharing her healing Journey hopes to help heal others through art and song.
Listen to Rhubees’ latest song : https://youtu.be/EaVok5Jtqx4

“I Am a Woman”
Celebrating the extraordinary Woman

“Oneness” is about Past present and future.
Canvas and acrylic paints & pens size: 55 x 45cm SOLD
“Retail Therapy” is about the cycle of fashions and exceptions Women are caught up in.
Size: 55 x 45cm Canvas and acrylic paints & pens.

“Life Happens” Represents the cycle of Life
Canvas and acrylic paints & pens Size: 55x20cm

“When Life gives you surprises”
Mixed media. Acrylic on board
Size: 60 x 29cm
Mixed media Acrylic on canvas
Size: 30.5 x 30.5cm