My traditional home is at Undoolya  which is part of Alice Springs. We won Native Title in 2000, we are part of the Arrernte Nation. I am also part of the Amjatere Nation. My family consisted of four children with one deceased  and eight grandchildren as well as three great grandchildren.

I have been painting for 14 years and my education background is Bachelor of Arts,  Associate Diploma in Business Management and Certificate One Tourism. I have lectured in Art, Aboriginal Cross Culture Courses at IAD as well as Aboriginal Cross Culture, History of Central Australia at Remote Health in Alice Springs for Flinders University.

My art also consists of painting logos for Nationals meetings in Alice Springs as well as coordinating painting 30 bin containers for the local town council with the rational owners of Alice Springs. Which we won Territory Tidy town 2007.

Recently I have had a couple of art exhibitions, Reconciliation in Brisbane Hospital 2011, Tandanya Aboriginal Art Gallery in Adelaide 2012.

My art work is sold today in a Glenelg Art Gallery in the Stamford Grand at Glenelg.​

lice Springs and its surrounding areas is the traditional country of the Arrarnte, in particular the people of Central Arrarnte. The south-east region is called Undoolya, which translates to wedge-tail eagle dreaming country. Irrarnte is the name of the red-tailed black cockatoos that live and travel through Undoolya. Of the black cockatoo species, the red-tailed black cockatoos are the most adaptable to environmental change and continue to thrive in large flocks in the driest parts of Australia. Irrarnte nest in large old eucalypts trees, and occasionally build nesting hollows in other species of gum.

Undoolya is the traditional lands of artists Patricia Ansell Dodds, Coral Hayes-Pananka, Carol Turner, Phyllis Gorey, and Amanda Turner. These five artists comprise of two generations of women from this place. Their works of art articulate stories of creation, stories of place, narratives of identity and the telling of experiences about this unique geographical location that is rich in history and knowledge.