Natalie Austin

Communities: Antikirinya/Southern Kokatha/Yankunytjatjara
Birth place   Port Augusta, South Australia
Active Period 1999 – Taught by her mother.
Residence Coober Pedy, the famous  outback opal mining town and Port Augusta, South Australia
​Natalie is photographed, with her paintings, in the Gallery.

Title of Painting: “Aboriginal people Walking on Country”
This is very important to know the land, we see here in this rich story the footsteps showing the journey between the hot red desert sands and the cool of the bushlands. There are dry river beds, shown as the gold lines across the sand, and the women sitting along the edges with their children ( the U shapes) and their digging sticks.

In the top right corner our the Aboriginal and Torrens Straight Islanders national Flags
acrylic on canvas, size: 124 x 65cm
​apologies for the painting being held upside down. 

Natalie with her painting about Bush Tucker, photographed at the gallery. The natural coloured dotted background is the Country, different terraine and vegetation. the Story is about looking for Bush Tucker. This is usually done by a group of women and here we have a feast of wild bush tomatoes, wittety grubs, wild plums,