Molly Nambitjimba Peterson

The story about Wild Plums. All different colours, times, uses.

“In the city suburbs, there used to be more fruit trees as well, and we could eat those and use them every way”

Molly day two, starting her painting
Molly day three, starting to really develop
her painting and settling in
Mitcham Molly Peterson
Molly, part of the First Stories Exhibition at Gallery One Mitcham.

The two paintings on the right are by Molly’s Grandmother (NFS). Shown as an example of the “handing down of Stories” her paintings are like the cover picture of a book of knowledge.
Molly is from Mount Liebig which lies on the western edge of the greater MacDonnell Ranges, some 325km west of Alice Springs. Locally called Watiyawanu, Mount Liebig is a go-between community for families with connections to Haasts Bluff, Papunya, Kintore and Kiwirrkura.
The majority of people living in Mount Liebig are former residents of
Papunya or Haasts Bluff.

It is the women’s role to be the gatherers of food and medicines.
Women will go out together gathering food, and when the women paint about Bush Tucker, they are also painting about the journey with their Aunties and Elders who show them where to find foods and medicines.