Michelle Nungala McAdam

  “Sacred Rock Spirit of the people”
(a Family Tree of Protection)
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Size:  100 x 92cm Stretched

Title: “Sacred Rock Spirit of the people”

As written by Michelle on back of canvas

“Circles represent generations. Grandparents, children /grandchildren connected in Harmony as one.

Knowledge passed down always for us to evolve. You will be protected wherever you travel within your boundaries. “

About Michelle.

Tribe: Kija,  Halls Creek W.A.

Homelands: Kimberleys, Warmun
(Turkey Creek)  W.A
Grandmother: Burrell
Michelle lives in Adelaide and is a professional language Interpreter

“The paintings that i do mostly are one’s that have been told to me and that are a part of my life from the land, from my Nanna and dad, and stories i painted when I travelled with my children’s father (Aboriginal Artist Eddie Blitner)
The colours I love to use are the earthy colours from the ochres on the land with acrylic. You can see all the colours everywhere you travel around the Kimberley.