Leanne Oldfield
Arrente , Alice Springs

“Wild Banana Dreaming,
The wild vines grow up the trees and wrap around them.”
Leanne’s amazing Mandalas Paintings in acrylic on canvas
Workshops with Leanne support her and her family’

Leanne is from near Alice Springs.
She lives in Adelaide now but her paintings tell us about the
“WILD BANANA DREAMING”, where the banana vines grow
around the trees and provide a treat eaten raw or cooked in hot coals
 in their skins.
Leanne’s paintings are happy mandelas.  Her paintings are detailed, happy celebrations showing peaceful flow and harmony with Nature.
They represent the gathering of bush foods and the sharing of it.
The bush banana flowers are happy and fresh, the rhythmic flow of dotted
paths show the energy of the communities. 
I have one in my kitchen, bringing in  harmony and strength to the space
and creating a focus.