Justinna Napaljarri Sims

Justinna is from Yuendumu – North east Northern Territory
Photographed at Glenelg Art Gallery, Glenelg, South Australia

Justinna Sims at Glenelg Art Gallery with “Seven Sisters ”

Justinna painting at the gallery with her husband, Marshall Robinson

“Seed Dreaming” Red, Gold, White
Sold: you may commission similar from Justinna
Sold: you may commission similar from Justinna
Seven Sisters in the Milky Way

“Seven Sisters”
The Yanjirlpirri Jukurrpa (Star Dreaming) or also known as Napaljarri-Warnu Jukurrpa (Seven Sisters Dreaming) depicts the story of the seven ancesterol Napaljarri sisters who are found in the night sky today in the cluster of seven stars in the constellation Taurus, more commonly known as Pleiades.

The Pleiades are seven women of the Napaljarri skin group and are often depicted in the paintings of this Dreaming carrying the Jampijinpa man “Wardilyka’ (The Bush Turkey) who is in love with the Napaljarri-Warnu and who represents the Orion’s Belt cluster of stars. Jukurra-Jukurra, the morning star, is a Jakamarra man who is also in love with the seven Napaljarri sisters and is often shown chasing them across the night sky. In a final attempt to escape from the Jakamarra man the Napaljarri-Warnu turned themselves into fire and ascended to the heavens to become stars. 

​Note: There are many interpretations of the Seven Sisters story from different communities