Josephine Lennon

Name: Josephine Lennon
DOB: 1972
TRIBES: Matjtutara (Coober Pedy) and Miring (Ceduna)
Community: Ceduna, South Australia

Josephine Lennon was born in 1972. Painting has always been her passion and it was a natural part of her family – she learnt from her father, mother and sister and her creative talents emerged at a young age.
Her early works were very traditional dot style depicturing local flora and fauna:
gulda (sleepy lizards), walga (wild tomatoes) and mungada (quangdong);
​recently her style has developed into a unique expression of looking down from above on her country (munda).

Josephine’s use of lines and colour evoke the undulating and changing land formations created from winds of change in her Munda. She states that her works are of the country around Ceduna South Australia which depict tali tjuta (many sand hills), walpa (wind) and kapi (water soaks), all important parts of the survival of her people. 

She is also influenced by her mother’s Tjukarpa (dreaming) stories of the Bunda Cliffs along the Nullarbor Plain.

Josephine had her first solo exhibition in 2011 in Coober Pedy
First Prize Winner,
‘Our Mob’ Adelaide Festival Centre 2016 ​
Solo Exhibition Coober Pedy, 2011
Awards & Exhibitions
First Prize Winner Tallship Logo York Peninsula 2002
Finalist: Waterhouse Art Prize 2013.
Mural at Maitland Hospital – York Peninsula SA 2003
Tananthi 2019 /2010 Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation
“Karra Wadlu Yaitya Purruna” – Bush Tucker makes me healthy – Celebrating Bush Medicines and discussing their use in suburbia. In collaboration with Glenelg Art Gallery where Josephine has a permanent display

Part of the “Karra Wadlu Yaitya Purruna” Exhibition. Titled “Wild Daisies” These are collected by the women and boiled to ease tummy and headaches. A birds eye view.

Josephine Lennon “Sturt Peas, A view over Country”

Josephine Lennon “Sturt Peas, A view over Country” c(lose-up)