Gypsy was born in 1965, and has painted under the Artist name of Ani 
Gypsy is a talented Artist, Chef, and mum.
Her art is about the land she learnt from with her Grandfather in her “HomeLands” Series
and the traditional natural healing of the gathering of Bush Medicine Forna.
Gypsy has a beautiful flow to her work, her paintings are “watched’ not “looked at” is how one collector put it.
​The beautiful peaceful patterns of “Medicine Leaves” are painted through the colours of the seasons and in the beautiful colour tones of nature – Celebrating the healing plants of the bush.

Medicine leaves 2021

Be inspired and request in your colours and size – allow up to three months for a Commissioned Artwork and allow for creativity which is the magic ingredient for beautiful original artwork . 

“Medicine Leaves”
​Written on back – “Medicine leaves can be crushed and mixed with fat from kangaroo to put on wounds. Can be crushed up and brewed as a tea for stomach pains and cramps. Visually they are calming to watch them when the winds move them.

A Custom Made Painting to suit the size and colour scheme. Have one done too . .
Blue Medicine Leaves and Seeds is 150 cms x 61 cms unstretched.

commission your own treasure

We love to work with you to design the perfect painting for your space and atmosphere at business or homes. 
Gypsy can offer a custom painting in your size and colours.
​email to get started ; )  

Green and White with bits of red Medicine Leaves panel is 150 cms x 26 cms acrylic on canvas unstretched SOLD
This is Green and White Medicine leaves and seeds It is 35 cms x 119 cms acrylic on canvas – unstretched (easy to send)

Brown and white Medicine Leaves” 49 cms x 36 cms unstretched canvas

Brown Medicine Leaves