Barbara Milpati Baker

Barbara is a Kanypi woman. Kanypi is just off the Wadarukawa Creek, a locality just off the Gunbarrel Highway in northwest South Australia, Australia situated about 1270km northwest of Adelaide. Atpprox 676m above sea level, Kanypi is one of the higher localities in South Australia. It is also one of the northernmost localities in South Australia. The nearest ocean is the Southern Ocean about 590km south of Kanypi. 
The nearest more populous place is the village of Amata (Musgrave Park) which is 100km away with a population of around 270 

Barbara’s  vast homeland is featured in her dramatic and yet peaceful artworks that show an uncanny birds eye view of raw Country and all its features. ​

All Artworks are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity that explains Barbara’s Story of your Artwork

“Women on Country” is a map of Barbara’s land and where she goes when back on Country.
Acrylic on canvas. Size 116 x141cm
“Rain on Country”

This story is about Seasonal Rains “in the bush” on Country. The rains fill up the rock holes and flood the land where families go to find food.  The after the rains the land is rich and abundant with bush foods and medicines. 
There a flash flood – lots of water pouring down – making lots of bush tucker which we see on the sides and flooding the rockholes along the bottom.
Barbara has written on the back of her canvas “Very heavy rains flood on Country over rock holes where families go together for bush tucker”
Size: 90 x 130 cm plus edges for stretching over frame
“Two Women Traveling”
This story is about two women (sisters) looking for food and the places they stop at along the way. It is a popular story.
The two largest circles are the two sisters and the smaller ones along the pathways are places they have been of significance along the way.
The unconnected circles represent the coolamons full of food
The red and yellow dots represent the desert landscape across which they travel. 

Indigenous Artists use the symbol of the circle to show the connection we all have to everything – the circle of Life – often it shows a meeting place, a camp fire, a waterhole, a dance ground.