Tasman Jon Wolfgang Kleingeld Tjapaltjarri

(Walmajarri, Western Australia)

Resides Adelaide

Tasman’s direct family come from the Mullen and Balgo communities of Western Australia, bearing ties to the Warlpirri and Ngarti tribes and belonging to the Walmajarri people from Paraku (Lake Gregory) in the Tanami Desert.

His uncles Walala, Thomas ( born Tamayinya Tjapangati , also known as Tamlik ) and Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri didn’t have contact with any people outside their cultural Connections until after 1984 when they walked out of the Gibson Desert for the first time into lands occupied by other people ….

Tasman Jon Wolfgang Kleingeld Tjapaltjarri’s artworks are a reflection of his family’s strong and inherited connection to country. They feature totems, totemic designs and references to important Dreamtime stories.
Tasman describes the cultural and community significance of these stories by explaining that “spirits are there to guide us on Mother Earth to be the best we can.

“Barramundi Dreaming”
Acrylic on canvas
100 x 75cm 

Link to “Spirit Men” Exhibition at the Royal Adelaide Hospital

Creations Land & Sea” Looking after our Country and our Mothers Land” 151 x 122 x 4 cm each, stretched. Here Tasman has recorded part of his families story of Creation, using various painting styles, totems and mapping, these are striking pieces. SOLD

​Tasman Kleingeld Tjapaltjarri presents . .

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With daughter and Aunty Inawinytji Williamson Tasman Tjapaltarri “Barramundi Dreaming” Featuring here at the Promenade Restaurant,

when Inawinytji sang us the Seven Sisters Story Stamford Grand Glenelg (SOLD)

Artists Tasman Tjapaltjarri and his Uncle David Tjangala

Teaching sons the Story of their Family, is very important, in knowing who one is, and where one has come from

Jintipirrirn Dreaming 
This painting (Story) has been passed down from my grandmother (Jaja) Ivy Robertson Nungarri to me Tasman Kleinfeld.   This painting is the creation of Lake Gregory (Paruku) my home land. The center is the lake and the others are the rivers and rock holes that run off the lake.
“Jintipirrirn”, meaning Willy Wagtail, was the creator of this Land going back to Dreamtime.

Medium:  painting in various traditional ochre colors of the region. 
Size: 100 x 73cm – NFS


I, Tasman Tjapaltarri belong to Walmajarri people who are from Paraku (Lake Gregory) in the Tanami Desert of Western Australia.
Paraku is an Indigenous protected area and has more species of bird life than any other lake in Australia. My family comes from the Mullen community and the Balgo community. My Grandfather and mother who are of the stolen Generation reside there. I have ties to the Warlpirri and Ngarti tribes also.

Jintipirrirn is my Great-Great Grandfather which means Willy Wagtail, he was an old man and traditional owner of Paraku. He returned home to Paraku to find a corroboree going on, the tribe was unaware who Jintipirrirn was and refused to share food with him. Jintipirrirn was angry and sang to bring rain and flooding, everyone in the tribe started drowning, Jintipirrirn brought Two Serpents from the lake that ate them and spat their bones out. The bones of the tribe are scattered at the place called Kiji, near Paraku, which means bones.
Walmajarri people are descendants of Jintipirrirn.
Written and painted by Tasman Kleingeld Tjapaltjarri.

Lake Gregory from space, September 1993. The main body of the lake appears bluish-turquoise in the center of the picture. The multi-braided channels (upper right) that feed water into Lake Gregory from the northeast are part of the Sturt Creek drainage system. There appears to be an excess of standing water in the channels (muddy-looking, yellowish) north and west of the main part of the lake. The surrounding landscape consists of grasslands with numerous sand ridges (thin, dark, parallel lines on the lower left side of the image).Location Western AustraliaCoordinates20°12′S 127°27′ECoordinates20°12′S 127°27′E[1] Basin Australia

Lake Gregory (aka Paraku) is an inland drainage lake situated in north-eastern Western Australia between the Great Sandy Desert and the Tanami Desert in North Western Australia. It is usually fresh water, but can become saline after a number of dry years. It has a fairly regular inflow of water and is considered to be a permanent lake.

Lake Gregory is situated on the edge of Mulan Aboriginal Community, home to the Walmajarri people. It is a traditional site to the people, containing several culturally significant sites. The Paraku Indigenous Protected Area works with traditional owners and rangers to monitor and maintain the lake and its surroundings.

Jintipirrirn Dreaming – set of three – sold separately – work in progress photographs

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