(Alyawarra, Northern Territory) Resides in Adelaide
Stephen was born 1974, in Utopia region, east of Alice Springs, Northern Territory. From a family of renowned artists, Stephen is the son of the late Glory Ngala, nephew of Kuddtji Kngwarreye and brother of Anna Price Pitjara. Stephen’s artworks explore a number of themes including Emu Dreaming, Yam Dreaming, Shooting stars and Spirit Man. These works reflect an appreciation for strong male figures and resonate with the role of resourceful, reliable men in society and Aboriginal culture. Stephen’s highly detailed ‘Spirit Men’ paintings also explore nature’s offerings and the artist’s connection to country. As Stephen explains, “we are born with everything we need. It is all around us. We have fire, water, hunting, shelter, tools, animals, plants, winds. Plenty to satisfy everything and be happy.”   
Proudly part of the wonderful “Spirit Man” Art Exhibition at the Royal Adelaide Hospital  https://www.creativehealth.org.au/whats-on/

Stephen Pitjara Martin Born in 1963 Born at Utopia Language Group: Alyawarra Title of Work: Spirit Man with Boomerang Date of creation June 2019 Place of Creation: Glenelg Art Gallery, Adelaide Medium: acrylic on canvas Size: 1420 x 81cm Copyright: Stephen Martin Photo credit: Glenelg Art Gallery

Spirit Man – looking from birds eye view, he knows he has all that he needs: there is crops and hunting, water, healing plants, birds and animals and community

Spirit Man – The element of Water

one of the Stories that Stephen paints is called “Shooting Stars”
When I asked Stephen for more information about his story he said ,”They are shooting stars – in the desert we see many different colours, many more than you here” 
You must imagine these canvases stretched and featuring on your wall – what a beautiful peaceful gift of colour.
These paintings are intended to hang only in the direction shown.
They look marvelous either plainly stretched around a frame, or in a matted frame.

“Shooting Stars” acrylic on canvas, unstretched Order a commission piece by calling in or phoning (08) 8375 6030 (Glenelg Art Gallery,

Stamford Grand, Moseley Sq, Glenelg, S.A.)

Arial View – My Country” acrylic on canvas, non stretched . Renown Artist Kudditji Kngwarreye, Stephen’s Uncles’ influence can be seen in the birds eye view of Country in sweeping ma