Stephen Martin Pitjara

Stephen has a versatile confident style and a rich choice of Stories to share, from a family history of celebrated Artists including  Stephens famous sisters Gloria Petyarre and Anna Pitjara Price and their brother Alan Pitjara.
With a natural gift for interpenetrating stories through painting and a passion to create beautiful pieces of art to enhance your space, we are grateful to have Stephen living here in Adelaide with his family. 
​Stephen’s wife Bernadine Johnson Kamara is herself an Award winning Artist in this 2017 SALA Contemporary Art Prize. 

(Alyawarra, Northern Territory) Resides in Adelaide
Stephen was born c1974, in Utopia region, east of Alice Springs, Northern Territory.
From a family of renowned artists, Stephen is the son of the late Glory Ngala, nephew of Kuddtji Kngwarreye and brother of Anna Price Pitjara.
Stephen’s artworks explore a number of themes including Emu Dreaming, Yam Dreaming, Shooting stars and Spirit Man.
These works reflect an appreciation for strong male figures and resonate with the role of resourceful, reliable men in society and Aboriginal culture. Stephen’s highly detailed ‘Spirit Men’ paintings also explore nature’s offerings and the artist’s connection to country.
As Stephen explains, “we are born with everything we need. It is all around us. We have fire, water, hunting, shelter, tools, animals, plants, winds. Plenty to satisfy everything and be happy.” 
Proudly part of the wonderful “Spirit Man” Art Exhibition at the Royal Adelaide Hospital

Spirit Man – and “The Laws of Abundance in the Balance of Nature”

“We are born with everything we need. It is all around us. We have fire, water, hunting, shelter, tools, animals, plants, winds. Plenty to satisfy everything and be happy” Stephen shows us. All these things are celebrated in Stephen’s strong Spirit Man’s paintings. There is an appreciation here too of strong male figures – resourceful reliable men are very important role models in all societies and play an crucial  role in the structure of Aboriginal societies’  Culture, securing independence, respect for self & others of safe lifestyle choices.

Stephen Pitjara Glenelg Art Gallery
Here is the healthy hunter, with his boomerang he can use many ways. We see ha has everything he needs around hime – there are communities and waterholes, medicine gloves and wind breaks.
Stephen Martin Spirit Man Glenelg Art Gallery
An aerial view of Spirit Man Over Country. We see the cultivated fields, Community, medicine groves,
hunting, water and lush colours of abundant bushland.
Medium: acrylic on canvas Size: 1420 x 81cm
“Spirit Man – We have everything we need – Waterholes”
Sold – Similar can be commissioned from Stephen
Spirit Man, Dusk
Stephen Spirit Man at Dusk
Nature is abundant

“Meeting Place”
Featured in the 2020 Tarnanthi magazine.
Copy with purchase

Shooting Stars

How many colours are in the sky, when sky is all we can see ? 
They remind us of too of raindrops, waterfalls, petals of soft exotic flowers as we take the journey to enjoy the colours chosen and the pattens made. We come back to the fact as Stephen smiles and says “They are just shooting stars. In the desert and out bush, we can see many things up there in the sky” . These are just an example, stock will change constantly. If you see one of these lovely paintings that sings to you – it does need a loving home ! 

Thank you for a happy customer photo : ) The painting looks fantastic nowstretched over a frame and aren’t the colours divine.

“Shooting Stars”
In the desert we can see all the colours

Aurora – 

Again capturing the amazing beauty of a clear night’s sky, bringing it into our homes.
Auroras seen within the auroral oval may be directly overhead, but from farther away they illuminate the poleward horizon as a greenish glow, or sometimes a faint red, as if the Sun were rising from an unusual direction.

My Country

In paintings of “My Country” Stephen’s remarkable blending of colours in a birds eye view of Lands only ever walked blends striking decor with Country and it’s sense of time and connections. 

“Arial View – My Country” acrylic on canvas, unstretched .
Renown Artist Kudditji Kngwarreye, Stephen’s Uncles’ influence can be seen in the birds eye view of Country in sweeping maps

Commission pieces in your colour scheme or for a personal occasion gift, new office or shop.
Match decor in celebrating Nature, the best artist of all. Stephen is happy to paint these stories (not My Country) in your preferred tones where appropriate, it does not compromise the integrity of the piece.
So why not do something really special (and exciting) to your size and colour?