Joshua Kropinyeri

Joshua Kropinyeri is a Ramindjeri man from southern South Australia.

He has been taught to paint and learn his traditions by his father.

“Spirits of the Corrobboree”
The four men are Dancing the Corrobboree that connects them to Country.
The background is based on the old handmade weapons carvings.
The Four large white circles are the main Sacred places are heaving connected & the six smaller ones are the minor camps.
When the men pass on, they continue their dance as are connected to Country – the  Cross-hatched paths between the main circles are the Songline Dreaming Lines
Approx 120 x 140cm
Acrylic on canvas
“Thukeri Dreaming”
Long ago the Inman and Hindmarsh Rivers were created by a powerful Sorcerer.
His name was Palpungi. He created the rivers with a huge tree, carving out the and digging down to
the springs. He then stocked the rivers with Thukeri (Bony Brim) for his friend Lime.
Thukeri were only eaten by the old people and were in plentiful supply and they can still be caught
in the rivers today.
132 x 109.5cm + edging
Acrylic on canvas
Painted 2021

Photographed at Glenelg Art Gallery 2021