David is from Roper Rover, Northern Territory, Australia
Tribe – Mara
​Skin – Keila

Resides in Adelaide, appointments / commissions welcome

David was born in 1964 in the Victoria River Downs region of the Northern Territory. He lived on several Aboriginal communities before leaving school at the age of 15 and returning home to his Grandparent’s country. He was then a stockman for approximately 10 years before taking an interest in his heritage as an Aboriginal and began to study art under the direction of his Grandfather and tribal relations. During this process it was discovered that he had a natural talent and has become one of Australia’s finest Aboriginal Artists.

“Three Dancing Brolgas” metallic and acrylic on canvas, presently unstretched AUD sold
Mimi Spirits and Bearded Catfish of the Roper River. Watercolours and acrylic on paper. Framing for display only.

David Moolooloo with his amazing linework – acrylic on canvas, unstretched