David Booth
Artist and performer

Born on Yuggera country Brisbane QLD great grandmother’s country in 1985

Great Grandfathets country is Warumungu Tennent creek.

David spent a lot of his childhood being home schooled on the road between communities through the central desert in the northern territory were he learnt a lot of culture and connected with Family.
As a young boy he was fascinated by art, music, dance and stories. David’s mother was stolen generation and she was on a journey to connect with Family in Waumungu country which lead David and his 5 siblings to being home schooled.

I now live in the Adelaide hills on Peramangk country.

Davids partner and 4 children are Ngarrindjeri and Peramangk decent connecting him to the hills and coorong his art is a contemporary reflection inspired by environment, Family, community, and cultural experiences using traditional symbols to tell story also using bright conteporary colours and patterns seen in the enviroment to bring stories to life.

David’s signature design, this patterning depicts the shapes and colours made on the waterholes at different times of day, night and seasons.
Aboriginal people hold the knowledge of water care and management that has passed down over centuries from Ancestors.

Waterholes in Spring
Waterhole at Night
Meeting Place Waterholes
Men & Women meet around the Waterhole
Sunset waterholes
My Country
Aerial Mapping