Chris Crebbin

Aboriginal name: Burthurmarr
Area: Gulf country, far North Queensland
Born: 1969, Sydney
Resides: Adelaide
Language Group: Lyardil
Totem: Brolga
​Mediums: Acrylic, ochre, oils, mixed media
​Biography: I have been painting ever since I was a child. Inspired by Mother and Grandmother. My Mum being born on Palm Island in North Queensland and my Grandma being there as part of the stolen generation.

“Turtle Dreaming” SOLD

“Ochre Serpent”

​I paint under my Aboriginal name Burthumarr, meaning brolga and native companion. My art has always been a personal journey into my past and present. The sharing of my family and myself on canvas. Although some of my art has many meanings, some are hidden.

​Travelling as allowed my style of painting to change and evolve with me. As an Aboriginal artist I feel most satisfied when telling my stories, sharing my views of the world and seeing how one person can effect many.

​I now live in the Adelaide Hills where I paint each day. Doing what I always do: preparing for my next show.