Jessica Curtis – In Search of the Divine

Jessica Curtis (In Search of the Divine) engages in creative projects & collaborations that bring the spiritual & scientific together; inspiring a higher dialogue on the themes pondered by the great mystical traditions of the Earth, which looked to the stars as home.​

Core to her art practice, Jessica Curtis, uses art as a transformative vehicle to assist in the reorientation of consciousness to a multi-dimensional perspective. Thus creating a point of reference to unveil the divine template behind these times of great transition and transformation unfolding on Earth; ultimately fostering a spark of divine recognition.

TITLE: “Hidden Geometry of Flowers”
MEDIUM: Mixed media collage. Ink, tea, gel medium, primer, cotton.
On canvas wall hanging with hand made cord
SIZE: 75.5 x 152cm PRICE: $999
SALA 2022 Jessica Curtis
“Hidden Geometry of Flowers”
Size: 75.5cm x 152cm