Designer Resin Jewellery

Limited editions of Aboriginal art on Dutch gold or silver leaf into resin by French Australian artist Mo. Under licence with artists.

A unique collection of beautiful jewellery, handmade with Dutch gold and silver leafs mixed in translucent resin. 

Resin with gold/ silver leaf jewellery and homeware handmade in Australia.
Based in the Royal National Park, NSW.
Mo is influenced by the bush Fauna and Flora, each piece is designed and 100% made by Mo himself.

Available in-store or email The concept of Shared Dreaming is to capture the spirit of Aboriginal paintings and transform them into beautiful wearable pieces of jewelleryJewellery that is beautiful to the eyes and beautiful to the heart. Mo believes this collection of collaborative jewellery is a wonderful opportunity to spread the Aboriginal Culture around the world ..


The artwork for this range is from Corals original pantings. 

“The Circle of Life Collection”
The U shapes are the people. They are our families, Communities and Ancestors.