Belle Botanique
Highgate Adelaide

At Belle’Botanique Pty Ltd, we provide personal care products and perfumes with a mission for cleaner, more sustainable and high-performing products, and increase consumer confidence in ‘clean beauty & natural perfumes’ claims. Customers deserve the best, and we aim to serve their needs.

Australian-made  Natural Skincare &  Natural Perfumes
Scientifically-advanced, Vegan & Non-toxic Ingredients


Discovery Collection – Natural Perfume Collection

Test each fragrance for your favourites Sampler/Travel/Gist set $89.90

Discovery Collection (Gift Pack) of Beautiful & Natural Perfumes – Explore the Scents of Nature

Natural Perfumes – A Unique Aromatic Experience

Amyris Vetiver Parfum  Green Perfume – Unisex.

Frangipani Neroli Ylang Ylang Parfum Non-toxic & feminine natural perfume.

Geranium Rose Parfum  If you like a Rose Perfume, this is for youUnisex natural perfume.

Peta Ann Signature Parfum A unique oriental perfume, slightly woody. This natural perfume opens with a crisp, aromatic lift of fresh notes of Bergamot and Coriander, which combines to accentuate the deep heart of Jasmine and Lilly with Vetiver – Unisex.

Tangerine Cardamom Lavender Parfum This sparkling Citrus fragrance opens with zesty Tangerine and hints of fresh Cardamom, accompanied by a soothing heart of Lavender – Unisex.

Unique Gift Idea – Unisex Natural Perfume Collection – Gifts for Him and Gifts for Her

Flowers, woods, seeds, fruits, herbs, leaves, and spices are made into liquids, and the precious liquids are packed in a gift box.

Give A Gift of Eco-Sustainable Luxury – Natural Perfume Collection – A Unique Aromatic Experience

  • 5ml of Amyris Vetiver Parfum Spray (Allergen-free , as defined by the EU regulation number EC 1223/2009)
  • 5ml of Frangipani Neroli Ylang Ylang Parfum Spray
  • 5ml of  Tangerine  Cardamom Lavender Parfum Spray
  • 5ml of Geranium Rose Parfum Spray
  • 5ml of Peta Ann Signature Parfum Spray

Total Volume: 25ml

Unique Gift Idea – Unisex Natural Perfume Collection – Gifts for Him and Gifts for Her

Available at Glenelg Art Gallery or Belle Botanique: