I am a Multi-Cultural Australian Artist with many different Cultures in my Family Tree.
My Family came to Australia from England way back in the Early days of settlement.
Our original name going centuries back was Bluett which was from a French Origin.
My Great Grandmother was European. My Great Grandfather was from England/Ireland.
As most Australians will testify a lot of our heritage was lost when we got here, Either through being a convict not be able to write or just to escape their past.
As my Art comes through me, i believe that my ancestors are all coming through at once.
I believe that my mixed heritage enables me to paint in a very unique style with many different cultures
represented. I do not like to label my art and find it hard to name them – I like to provoke thought
about the patterns and have people make up their own mind.
The majority of my art can be turned around and around creating another picture.