Calperum 1999 – John Alty

I actually witnessed this incident, whilst on a dinghy exploration of the labyrinthine creek system leading from the main stream of the Murray River above Renmark,S.A. and abutting the vast Calperum Station….Glorious country, … Read More

Peter Browne Glenelg Art Gallery
Peter Browne

painted with the Bush Brushmen from 1987 in ghost town studio at Silverton New South Wales,… Read More

John Dynon

John is truly a larger than life Outback character and can often be heard on Radio and Television throughout Australia.
From his hilariously famous Emus to beautiful floral and landscape art,… Read More

Howard Steer

A predominant feature throughout Howard’s work depicts his sense of humour. Howard’s “gossamer winged” flying doctor, features in many works. He developed the foundation for what he calls “Story Art”, where each painting tells its own story, be that of a backyard wedding or a  Sunday afternoon pub crawl. … Read More

Penelope Hllam Glenelg Art Gallery
Penelope Hillam

Penelope Hillam is an award and prize winning Marine Artist. She is a foundation member and Fellow of the Australian Society of Marine Artists (ASMA) and recently became a Fellow of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts. She is also a professional member of many arts organisations throughout Australia.… Read More

Elynor Photography
Images of Glenelg

Both Photographer and master of a sophisticated printing press, many options are available to you with direct personal service and excellent high standards. … Read More

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