Frank Multi Clap Sticks Glenelg Art Gallery
Aboriginal Artifacts

Aboriginal Artifacts Clapsticks – which in some regions are called bilma or bimla – are a traditional percussive instrument used by men and women in all Indigenous Australian communities, usually to maintain rhythmn during vocal chants. They are used in … Read More

Jeannie Wareenie Ross Nampitjinpa

This painting is about the journey taken by men and women out along the dry river bed to celebrate the Nulla Nulla, a hardwood club (carved from a branch or root) used by Australian Aboriginal people … Read More

Carolanne Ken

Carolanne Ken is from Fregon on the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands. Born in 1971, Carolanne went to school in Fregon and Woodville High in Adelaide, graduating in 1986… Read More


Kali with her beautiful “Family, Tree of Life” at the Gallery… Read More

Ruby Donovan

I have an innate propensity for circular designs as I feel they evoke feeling of calmness.… Read More

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