Michelle Nungala (McAdam)

Kimberley Region Western Australia
Halls Creek / Turkey Creek to Dunham River
My Homelands (Tick-A-Lara)
My Grandmother – Kitty Burrell

The paintings that i do mostly are one’s that have been told to me and that are a part of my life from the land, from my Nanna and dad, and stories i painted when I travelled with my children’s father.

The colours I love to use are the earthy colours from the ochres on the land with acrylic. You can see all the colours everywhere you travel around the Kimberley. 

“Sacred Rock, Spirit of the People” acrylic on canvas

Signed back of “Muniga Dancing” Moon Women

“Sacred Rock, Spirit of the people – Story is written by Michelle Adams on the back

TITLE: “Muniga Dancing” Moon Women
Michelle paints the stories that her mother passed to her and now she teaches to her daughters.
Michelle uses the traditional ochre muds from her lands and paints of the clear
night sky as seen in our outback lands.
This painting is about the Moon Women’s Dance
From the start of the Cycles of the Moon – Quarter Moon / Half Moon / Full Moon
Back and forth and into the different corroboree grounds, celebrating the three cycles of the moon.
Acrylic on canvas 95 x 95cm when stretched
Can be supplied in a tube for shipping
All the story is written on the back and signed by the Artist.
ARTIST: Michelle Nungala (Mc Adam)
TRIBE: “Kita” – homelands – Tick a Lara , Turkey Creek (Warmun), Halls Creek