Lorna Brown Napangka

Lorna was born in the bush in Haasts Bluff. Her mother, Annie Ellis Nampitjinpa, her grandfather, Obed Raggett, and other family members moved to Papunya when Lorna was a baby.
There, her mother worked in the kitchens at Papunya for a couple of years, before moving back to Haasts Bluff and eventually to Mount Liebig.
Lorna went to the Papunya School, and clearly remembers art classes with Geoffrey Bardon.
Lorna started painting in earnest in 1999, and by 2005 had three solo exhibitions at Alcaston Gallery, Melbourne.
With her husband, Bobby West Tjupurrula, Lorna lives at Kiwirrkura, where in 1999 she contributed to the Kiwirrkurra womens’ painting as part of the Western Desert Dialysis Appeal.
Awards and Recognition
2006 Wynne Prize, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney – Finalist

“Warren Creek Celebration”
95 x 93cm + edges
“Warren Creek Celebration”
95 x 94 + edges