Julianne  Nungarrayi ​Turner

Julianne Turner Glenelg Art Gallery
Photographed at Glenelg Art by the WCH for “Karra Wadlu Yaitya Purruna / Bush Shrubs Make You Healthy.”

Julianne was born in 1975 at Yuenlamu (Mount Allan) in central Australia and now lives in Adelaide, a professional Artist and Language Interpreter.

At an early age Julianne was influenced and taught to paint by her mother Maureen Hudson Nampijinpa; a well known and respected Warlpiri artist.

Julianne depicts intricate language that shows us beautiful landscapes and tells us stories that hold the power of infinite generations of telling.  

The influence of the Women’s Businesses in Community life runs through Julianne’s Stories and Dreaming’s  telling of gathering of foods and medicines. 


Size: 77 x 67 cm plus edging for stretching
This will take away the black borders

“Budgerigar Dreaming over My Country”

“We watch the birds flying in patterns on the winds, while we sit with the ground in our camps. By ourself or with others, day or night, the Budgerigar Dreaming is there, sharing the space and talking to us if we can listen, when everything is quiet, the birds and animals are part of the quiet even though they are making a noise sometimes, also maybe they telling us something, or just singing. Which is also telling us something, to take time to enjoy them”

Feature Artist Tarnanthi 21019/2010. Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation
“Karra Wadlu Yaitya Purruna: Bush Shrubs Make You Healthy” ​

Karra Wadlu Yaitya Purruna Catalogue. Link to Exhibition page
Women making Lyuk Lyuk Medicine
Julianne has painted the Women using the Lyuk Lyuk leaves, boiling and making a tea for stomach problems, or grinding them into a poultice for scabies. Julianne finds these trees along our roadsides in Adelaide, saying that Bush Medicines are used in town where possible
Julianne always shares the Story on the back of the canvas as well as an offical Certificate of Authenticity from the Gallery
This beautiful artwork was donated by the Gallery to the Art for Peace 2020 Fundraising Drive
Newly finished “Budgerigar Dreaming” A beautiful painting full of details of Julianne’s Country. Title: Wild Budgerigar Dreaming Story: Julianne has painted her abundant country, in a place where the Budgerigars nest. The areas painting in circles represent the land with camp sites. The area in the middle, shows the gumtree grove, leaves and nests. This is a representative painting, and as a bird’s eye view, can be hung both horizontally and vertically. Medium: Acrylic on canvas SOLD – ORDER SIMILAR Contact

Having fun with paint
“Budgerigar Dreaming”
“It is about my County and I love to paint this story all the time”
The U shapes are always people. We know this is about Women because of the icons beside the U shapes. The Women have their “digging” Sticks of many uses, and their Coolamons for gathering and carrying the fruits and Witchetty Grubs. The 10 circulars are significant places for various reasons and we can see a main camp at the top with five women around it, so this would be a meeting place after everyone gone walkabout hunting & gathering.
They may be gathering to take to these women, perhaps a Ceremony, perhaps a normal day.