​Ines de leucio

If we had to describe Ines De Leucio in one word, the most suitable should be eclectic. Eclectic like her origins, her studies, her works.
She is an Italian-Australian artist that recently in 2020 lived and worked in Adelaide after  several years of successful and appreciated artistic activity in Terranova Fossa Ceca near Benevento. Here, Ines still has a well-known atelier where much of her artistic productions are kept. But many of her works are also at “Tornatora Art Gallery” in Rome.
Besides being eclectic, Ines De Leucio formation is completely Italian: she studied in Benevento at the High School of Art (called Mimmo Paladino), in Naples at the Academy of Arts with Carmine Di Ruggiero and Mimmo Iodice and in Perugia at Edgardo Abbozzo’s office, director of the Academy of Arts of the Umbrian town.
Ines De Leucio is eclectic like her works that include painting and ceramics and that in the years before leaving, saw her involved in a very particular project; starting from the study of some of  the tables of the Blessed Angelico, she realized terracotta and majolica stoups dedicated to Saints Cosma e Damiano.
In her thirty-year painting career, Ines De Leucio counts many artistic projects. Among  these, we can mention both “Borse per uomini invisibili” and her last series of paintings characterized by the predominance of blue color (“I blu Silenti”) that Ines is realizing  in her Australian atelier and exhibiting in different Italian shows.
Ines De Leucio is also the protagonist of different critic scriptures. Besides Di Ruggiero and Abbozzo, some other art critics like Claudio Lepri and Antonio Sorgente have written about her.  Numerous have also been her exhibitions in institutional locations in Naples and Rome (Sala del Bramante and Stadio Museo Domiziano), in Umbria, in Florence and obviously in Australia, Adelaide at “The Glenelg Art Gallery”, renowned place of exhibitions and cultural events, located in the hearth of one of the southernmost city of the planet.