Erika Walter

I am drawn to the innate beauty and spirit of the natural world. Through imagery and medium, my artwork is a personal narrative of that beauty. I create patterned pieces that relate to the cycles of life and enduring passage of time. My mixed media pieces attempt to speak to the visual senses, inviting exploration.

plaster cloth/pen
42x22cm Sold
42x22cm $120
plaster cloth/pen
42x22cm. $120

“I was born in Adelaide and moved to the Adelaide Hills as an adult. I have always had a love of pattern, especially in nature, and I often draw inspiration from the landscape.
I like to interpret the details of the environment I explore and experience.
My work often develops into a variety of objects which envelop the female form, exposing underlying personal narratives.
My primary focus is the connection between nature and nurture, and on the intimacy of humans with the environment. And also the reverse, in this instance, the environment often enforces on to humanity.
I use a variety of materials, but particularly clay, which lends itself to the earth especially in the making. For me, clay is honest and sensual as a medium, and keeps me grounded.
My art is my comfort and teaches me patience.”