Dragan Simic

New York. Milan. Adelaide. Melbourne.

“With” acrylic on canvas, Measuring 70 x 50cm each, they look amazing hung to meet and match and also set on various walls creating individual space and flow. $1,500 triptych

These five paintings offer a lot of options over time to show in many combinations,   Each piece holds its’ own in its’ space and grouping is so flexable that you will have much enjoyment discovering all the stories within stories here. Inspired by the power of the wind. 

Without” acrylic on canvas, measuring 50 x50cm each Price $995 diptych

Dragan says about his work: “My new rules are color and color is wonderful”. His unique layered colorful style is reminiscent of landscapes and mindscapes. 
Dragan Simic was born in Serbia, former Yugoslavia, and has resided in Australia since 1984. His creative approach is influenced by the works of Matisse, Modigliani and Picasso.