John Dynon

John is truly a larger than life Outback character and can often be heard on Radio and Television throughout Australia.
From his hilariously famous Emus to beautiful floral and landscape art, he captures the romance and fantasy of the harsh but beautiful Outback.
He has represented Australia and the Outback in England, France and the United States as an ambassador. His paintings are in galleries and private collections around the world and his work has been depicted in books, cards & prints.

“Eldee Mailbox”
Acrylic on canvas board Size 30 x 10 inches Price: $1,000
“Road to Freedom”
Size: 40 x 10 inches Acrylic on canvas board $2,200
“Jockey Club”
Acrylic on canvas board 40 x 10 inches Price: $2,200
Starry Starry Night”
Size 15 x 10 inches Acrylic on canvas board Price: $550