My name is Amanda Westley and I am a Ngarrindjeri woman and artist, born in Victor Harbor, South Australia in 1985. Growing up I experienced the best of both worlds living the farm life 12kms out of coastal country town of Victor Harbor.

My father was a boat builder so the water and the ocean have always been a big part of my life. My painting style is dot work and the bright colours from my coastal country hometown and the ocean are represented through my paintings.

I have been painting from a very young age and my style is contemporary Aboriginal dot art, I have always enjoyed painting and the calm that it brought.

My paintings represent country from an aerial view, for Aboriginal people land has a spiritual and cultural connection and is so important to our identity and way of life. With these paintings I have used a combination of ocean colours and earth colours to represent my country, the small country town near the ocean. I have also introduced brighter colours such as pink and orange to represent how country looks during different seasons as well as different times of the day.

My family is one of the oldest Aboriginal families here on the south coast so this land I call home has been apart of my family for a very long time, and by creating these paintings I am acknowledging the important connection my family have with this land.