Jennifer Purvis Kngwarreye

  • Skin Name: Kngwarreye
  • Language: Anmatyerre
  • Region: Utopia, Central Australia
  • Dreaming: Atnwelarr (Pencil Yam/Bush Yam)
“Atnwelarr” Pencil Yam Flowers
Photoraphed at the Glenelg Art Gallery

“Wild Yams” have long been cultivated by Aboriginal women as a staple part of a Bush Tucker menu

Yams are a wild potato and come in many varieties.

They are often included in paintings as yams, or as rows in fields, or the beautiful blankets of colours of the flowers when in season.

We can see the different borders, walking paths as we look down from a birds eye view upon the expense of coloured yam flowers.