Jeannie Wareenie Ross Nampitjinpa

Jeanie Nampitjinpa
Language: Walpiri / Luritja
Area: Mt Liebig (Watiyawanu)
DOB: 1965

“Nulla Nulla Dreaming – between the creeks”
(Women’s Business) acrylic on canvas size: 77 x 77cm

This painting is about the journey taken by men and women out along the dry river bed to celebrate the Nulla Nulla, a hardwood club (carved from a branch or root) used by Australian Aboriginal people in hunting and collecting bush tucker, and making fire and ochre.
The background shows us on left and right the lush vegetation either side of the creek bed.
The circular shapes show where there are places to know, like where there is water, where to camp, where certain medicines and tucker can be found.

The ritual and ceremony regarding the Nulla Nulla Dreaming are secret sacred and taking place in the centre along the dry creek.  We see this represented by the groups of people, show in the U shape.